Entry #1

All my time...

2017-05-31 23:23:39 by blizzarddemon

Hey guys what'sup?this is the first time i made a post about my life and thew other things,so here go...

When i started this accout on the newgrounds and youtube,i been developed a desire to become a great,most famous and inspirational animator since my childhood,when i 20 years old,i always dream and imagine become a animator who imagine  working in many projects and collab with any more famous and awesome animators and youtubers that i keep wathing and following,but why i'm telling you this guys?

...it's beacuse i'm being very much busy with work,other projects and with all honestily,being a freakin lazy guy,so this is why it's took so long to be made it...many of you may think about this is absolutely nothing and may be thinking that i complaining a lot with this,but in my point,i promise to me everytime with a strong desire to make more and more animations,with the dreams to be a great skilled animator,but i always have this things to make me auto slow down with some thing...

Finishng with this post i just want to say thank you very much for following me and very sory if my animations took so long to be done,but i promise you guys then i release any projects soon,i hope all of you can understand about this and thanks again to keeping following me along the years,your guys a awesome^^


Have a good future ^^


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